Wine Types

Festival Wines Online offers good quality wines made ‘the right way’: Organic Wines or even Bio-Dynamic. All our wines are selected for very important reasons:

  • the wines taste great.
  • the wine growers are true to the soil the grapes come from.
  • they are great value wines.

Organic Wines

Organic farming for organic wine
Organic farming for organic wine

Wines made from organically grown grapes: technically in Europe there is no such thing as “organic wines” although this is changing with some new EU regulations.

Bio-Dynamic Wines

Bio-Dynamic agriculture takes a holistic view, it uses lunar and cosmic rythyms that are even more in keeping with nature than organic farming.

Low sulphur wines

Low sulphur wines
Low sulphur wines

Sulphur and sulphites occur naturally within grapes: you do not get no-sulphur wine, just low sulphur wine. The producers of low sulphur wines simply add far less or even no sulphur to their wines.

Vegetarian wines

Vegan Wines
No animals or animal products in our wine please

Animal and fish products, including gelatin and egg whites are used in the production of many wines. These wines are suitable for vegetarians but not vegans.

Vegan wines

As the term implies these wines are suitable for vegans: they are free of all animal and fish products.

Article on ethical drinking: “The green guzzle dilemma” by Victoria Lambert (1 March 2008).

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