Claude Carre

Claude Carre et Fils, Trépail is simply refreshing. This description fits Claude himself, his operation and his 1er Cru Claude Carre Champagne.

Claude Carre

We have tramped through many anonymous cellars in Champagne and have seen the mountains of “profile brewed” bottles of well-known Grande Marques. It becomes more and more of a delight to work with Claude Carré. His wine epitomizes what we consider to be real Champagne. He owns all his own Chardonnay vines, which are in the heart of some of the area’s most prestigious vineyards around Ambonnay on the Montagne de Reims. The result is 100% his own effort, is a soft, seductive, slightly biscuit nectar bursting with life. His wonderful raspberry scented rosé is also a rare treat.

A pale straw coloured Champagne. The good white creamy mousse holds well with fine bubbles showing excellent persistence. The palate is rich and the biscuit flavours good. There is almost a creamy texture with a crisp dry finish. We believe that this Champagne offers extraordinary value for money.

As we say, Claude Carre is refreshing: he is one of our few growers without a website. We intend to publish our own images from recent trips soon.

Claude Carre Champagne:

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