La Jara

La Jara organic winery has been in the same family since 1891. The great love this family has for the land and its products has been handed down the generations and is now carried on by brothers Massimo and Paolo Marion, who have been running the vineyards since 1999 with renewed energy.

“La Jara” is in local dialect the name for “gravel”: the land of the La Jara vineyards is largely made up of calcareous white stones from the River Piave. These stones accumulate heat during the day to return it back slowly during the night, exalting the fresh and various fragrances of the wines. To make the most of this terroir, great attention is given to the cultivation in the vineyard, with the application of biodynamic principles. The ICEA (Institute for Ethics and Environmental Certification) has certified that La Jara produces organically grown grapes.

There is endless Prosecco and Pinot Grigio on the shelves in the UK at the moment, mostly produced on an industrial scale on the flat lands of Veneto. These do not even bear comparison to the award winning wines of La Jara, where the soils are significantly superior, the drainage and mineral make-up far better.

The winery is a spotless cathedral of tiles, tanks and beams set in the middle of immaculate rows of Pinot Grigio vines, some white, some almost russet – this is where the pink colour comes from. At La Jara gentle stemming and pressing techniques are employed. The cold primary fermentation, the handling by gravity, and fermentation in heat conditioned steel tanks are synonymous with quality and genuineness.

The beautiful, slick modern winery and the packaging of these wines belies the real history of La Jara winery. The results are wines of great finesse, consistency and charm, always a light relief at the end of the day.

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