The Navarrsotillo Bodegas started converting the family vineyards, fields and orchards to organic farming in 1995. Two years later they made their first wine, and ever since have focused their efforts on organic, quality wines and a commitment to caring for the earth.

Navarrsotillo has developed a variety of wines for your enjoyment: young red, rosé and white wines; crianzas or vintage; and reserve wines. In 2007 they brought out the Navarrsotillo Grand Reserve to celebrate 10 years of organic wine making at the Bodegas.

There are 60 hectares of vineyards and 35 hectares of fruit trees, pear and apple orchards, all are certified organic. The soils are fertilised with nitrogen by sowing green manure crops, and then with other organic material. Chipped vine prunings and composted organic manures are used to mulch the ground in the early months of the year. Ecological treatments continue from when the first shoots appear until mid-August, always within EU regulations, to prevent pests and diseases. During the growing cycle of the vine, soil humidity is controlled, which with the monitoring of the ripeness of the grapes, enables the Navarrstillo team to choose the fruit and harvest time to obtain the best quality grapes for the wines.

The latest technology is used for the wine making: modern grape presses and stainless steel tanks for fermenting the wine at controlled temperatures. The winery building itself is insulated in order to maintain a stable temperature. The wine is aged in a temperature-controlled warehouse which holds about 500 barrels made of French and American oak. Bottled wine is stored in the Navarrsotillo cellars.

The current production volume is about 700,000 kg of grapes each year producing some 400,000 bottles of wine: about 250,000 bottles of young organic red wine and 150,000 retained  for the vintage wines. All the Navarrstillo wines are certified organic to EU standards as well as for the USA (NOP certificate) and Switzerland (Bio Suisse).

Navarrsotillo Bibendi and Navarrsotillo Noemus wines available online:

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