Ekuo Merlot


A superb dark ruby red; fascinating bouquet with herbaceous notes; well balanced with juicy fruit flavours. Great equilibrium and harmony.

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Ekuo Merlot Cielo e Terre

Ekuo Merlot is a superb dark ruby red. It has a fascinating bouquet with a typical herbaceous note. The wine is well balanced with juicy fruit flavours; great equilibrium and harmony.

Ekuo organic wine is a charity project of the Cielo e Terra winery. It supports the Murialdo World NGO in Italy and around the world. The Ekuò brand philosophy is ‘do good and do it well’. The Ekuò wine is a ‘well made wine doing good’: it is organic and donates part of the value to charity. Ekuò is also a social business offering products and services such as cinema, travelling, shops and catering. The charity aims to create self-sustainable job opportunities in the long term, probably making the wine taste even better!

Cielo e Terre

Giovanni Cielo founded the winery in 1908. Fourth generation family members Luca and Pierpaolo now run the winery and work with over 2000 local wine producers. They continue with their ancestors deep affinity with the earth and their desire to keep wine production as natural as possible. They are committed to continue to increase quality and traceability in their wine production and support charitable projects wherever possible.

The Berici Hills are a range of ancient volcanic origin rising between Verona and Padua, whose northern slope hosts the City of Vicenza. The south-facing hills and mild climate favour vine growing: it prospered here for thousands of years.

A selection of local organic vine growers contribute their grapes to the winery. The grapes are selected by type, origin and sugar content, so that only the best quality grapes are chosen. The wine making is based on cold vinification and soft pressing to enhance both the fragrance and complexity of flavour.

Now re-branded as Bella Storia Merlot: same wine, different label.

Grower: Cielo e Terre

Serve at 16°-18°C.

Matches: red meat dishes and when a bit older roasts.


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