Christian Dauny

Christian Dauny wines are a truly family affair: the very shy Christian Dauny and his even more shy sons run this immaculate Domaine in the rolling hills to the west of the town of Sancerre. Nicole and Christian Dauny who represent the 12th generation of Daunys and their sons Benoit and Thibaut the 13th ensure continuity.

In 1964, the vineyard was completely converted into organic farming – it is not some new found fad for this vineyard. Organic farming is undertaken in order to:

  • improve soil fertility in the long term;
  • eliminate many forms of pollution;
  • provide consumers with a healthy, naturally balanced product.

Today, the Christian Dauny Domaine covers an area of ​​16 hectares, on a silty clay soil. There is 12.5ha of Sancerre Sauvignon to produce the white wines and 3.5ha of Black Pinot for rosé and red wine.

Christian Dauny meets all the specifications laid down by the FESA (European Federation of Unions of organic farmers) and complies with EU regulations; with checks being carried out from Paris. We can be confident that the grapes grown by Christian Dauny do not have chemical fertilizer, herbicides, insecticides or synthetic fungicide. The grapes are handpicked, pressing is pneumatic and vinification in vats and casks.

Christian Dauny wines available online:

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