South Africa

South African Organic Wine

Our producers: Post House Wines, Stellenbosch and Pulpit Rock, Cape Tranquility Wines; more South African wines are available through our wine shop.

In South Africa much of the accreditation of organic wines, bio-dynamics, low sulphur and vegetarian wines seems to rely on EU organic rules. A number of the wineries in South Africa state that they are certified by Control Union Certifications which is an organic inspection company supervised by the Dutch Accreditation Council RvA: they work to the EU criteria for organic agriculture and production.

The South African organic wineries, as elsewhere in the world use a system of farming that maintains and replenishes the fertility of the soil. Grapes are grown without chemical pesticides, fungicides, herbicides or fertilisers but rather using compost and organic materials. Many wineries will refer to bio-diversity rather than bio-dynamics: they will encourage indigenous flora and fauna.

For organic wines in South Africa the normal maximum allowable of sulphur dioxide is half that of conventional or non-organic wines; certain other chemicals are forbidden.

Most of our South African wines are made using organic methods (OM) rather than being fully certified organic. This is mainly due to the reliance in South Africa on expensive EU organic regulations. Our Post House wines from Stellenbosch are OM but rest assured the 45ha of vines produce some delicious wines although some are rather high on the ABV scale for some tastes.

South African Low Sulphur Wine

All our South African organic (and OM) wines adhere to the maximum allowable levels of sulphur dioxide: half that of non-organic wines. Currently, none of our South African wines can state that there are no added sulphurs: it is naturally occurring anyway so we have to accept some.

South African Vegetarian Wine

Most of our wines are classified as vegetarian wines, currently only the Mont Rochelle wines are not. About half our South African vegetarian wines are also vegan wines.