Chateau La Grolet

Chateau La Grolet has 38 hectares of bio-dynamic vineyards. The vineyards are divided into small terraces on the steep slopes. Across the wider estate there are natural meadows, woodland and wetlands: an environment that has remained unchanged over the centuries. Château La Grolet is proud to carry the Côtes de Bourg appelation. Côtes de Bourg is an area of beautiful landscapes and often referred to as the “little Switzerland of Gironde”. This Bordeaux appellation has a strong personality, the wines of Château La Grolet proof of it.

The vineyards are located on steep south-south-west exposed slopes, on an argillo-gravelly soil. There are 30% old Cabernet Sauvignons; 65% Merlot and 5% Malbecs grapes at La Grolet.

The winemaking at Chateau La Grolet is with spontaneous thermo-regulated fermentations using natural yeasts from the estate that really strengthen the influence of the soil. There are no additives other than a limited amount of sulphur: 90mg/l, this is half the amount used in conventional wines. After malolactic fermentation the wine is placed in barrels using gravity only, and left to mature for 12 months. Their secondary brand, La Coccinelle or ladybird takes less time to make and is perhaps less complex than their traditional wine.

Chateau La Grolet wines:

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