The Ampelidae Vineyard is at a geological crossroads at the southern end of the Val de Loire and benefits from a temperate ocean climate. Over all three of the domains: le Manoir de Lavauguyot, La Mailleterie et le Château des Roches that make up the Ampelidae Estate, there are chalky soils side by side with clay and flint.

The owner, Frédéric Brochet has always been fascinated and is extremely knowleable about geology. From the birth of Ampelidae (from the Greek for vine), Frédéric has chosen which grape varieties to plant as a function of the geological structure of the vineyard. With a PhD in Oenology and Ampelology the choice of location, grapes or for that matter anything else at Ampelidae is not down to chance.

Ampelidae Organic Wines

Frédéric Brochet seems a very determined individual. His attack of conscience over the question of conventional farming methods in viticulture coincided with the birth of his children and his realisation of a duty to pass things down for the future. He had always had a passion for ecology ever since the day when he first bought a book about winemaking (Nature et progrès); he bottled his first organic wine with his school friend Matthew in 1988. At Ampelidae, being organic is fundamental to the ecology of protecting the earth and the species in it. And if being organic can sometimes seem to be a dream of “going back to nature” and avoiding technological intervention, Frédéric Brochet, on the contrary embraces an organic approach compatible with science and contemporary technology.

A highly qualified winemaker and academic, Frédéric decided to revamp an old, rather run down winery in a very unlikely part of France near Poitou, and establish himself as a benchmark producer of Sauvignon and Pinot Noir, all produced organically. At Ampelidae, the move towards converting to organic began in 2000. The vineyards were certified by Ecocert in 2004, and the process of conversion for the whole estate was completed in 2007.

In less than 15 years he’s succeeded and his wines are a real testament to his diligence.

The Marigny Neuf Pinot Noir has real purity; kirsch and vanilla abound, in this subtle if multi layered wine. The Armance Sparkling Wine has a soft style and would be a good option for a wedding or any other celebration where the hosts want a really decent sparkler that will please most palates without the price of Champagne.

Ampelidae wines:

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