Pares Balta Wines

Pares Balta is a family owned winery in the hilly Penedès region of Spain. Pares Balta goes back to the 18th century when the first vines were planted on the estate that now surrounds the winery. Today some 220 years later, almost everything is different.

In the 1970s, the Cusiné family took over the winery, it is now managed by the 3rd generation of the family. They have always practised organic viticulture, although the Pares Balta wines have only been organically certified since 2004. The estate has its own flock of sheep to fertilise the vineyards and bees that help pollinate the vines, bringing the essence of the Mediterranean ecosystem to the grapes.

The Pares Balta management is led by Joan and Josep Cusiné Carol; they have led the company into a new era of high quality wine production with the help of their father Joan Cusiné Cusiné. The winemaking is in the hands of Maria Elena Jimenez and Marta Casas, oenologists and wives of Joan and Josep. Maria and Marta are skilled young women whose efforts are reflected in the quality of the wines that are produced at Pares Balta.

At Pares Balta they believe that the quality of the wine depends firstly on the grape and secondly on the work of the winemaker who has to transfer the personality of the vine to the bottle. The organically grown grapes come from five different estates situated around the winery. The altitude varies from 170 to 750 metres and offers a diverse mixture of soils and micro-climates that give a special personality to the wines.

The soil type where the vines grow has a vital influence on the wines. The best soils often have less organic materials. In the Pares Balta vineyards there is a significant diversity of calcareous soils, clay, as well as areas closer to the Mediterranean with large quantities of marine fossils. That type of soil is characterized of being very permeable, and retains little water: it makes the vines work harder, but the small quantities of grapes produced are high on flavour and concentration.

Today, Pares Balta produces a wide range of high quality wines and Cavas that have won acclaim both in Spain and internationally. Always keeping quality in view, the aim is to produce some of the best and most interesting wines in the world – the family seem to achieve that aim.

Pares Balta Wines

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