Aruspide Wines

The Arúspide winery was founded in May 1999 by an ex-tutor who specialised in Greek. The original members, who were from a mixture of educational, industrial and agricultural backgrounds but all lovers of wine and its culture, acquired an old cellar dating from 1905. There are now about 60 shareholders, mainly local organic grape growers; certification at this price is however just too costly.

The original Arúspide cellar was restored and adapted to the new technologies in a way to respect the traditional structure. Shortly afterwards, thanks to the success of the wines and customer loyalty, Bodegas Arúspide moved to new facilities: more modern and spacious yet keeping the traditional and avant-garde spirit that characterises the winery. It is located in Ciudad Real, south of Castilla-La Mancha, in a natural crossing between southern Spain, the Mediterranean regions, Extremadura and the central plateau.

From the beginning, Bodegas Arúspide has sought to differentiate itself with an obsession for quality, a commitment to innovation and flexibility. Quality, design and respect for traditional production processes are the three words that define the ideology of the winery.

Farmers that supply the winery, carefully select and hand pick only those grapes that have reached the exactly right level of maturity, and carefully avoid any tearing or scrunching. The grapes are rapidly transported in 18kg boxes to protect them from rain, dust and other pollutants that may cause damage on the way to the Arúspide Winery. The grapes are immediately placed in cold storage, to ensure they do not lose the flavours of the fruit, before they go through a second selection process performed by the Arúspide team.

Even as advocates of carbonic maceration when developing their wines, the Arúspide winery has not forgotten the traditional winemaking methods: they show the utmost care in bringing the wine to your table.

Bodegas Arúspide is led by the Lucendo family. Jesus Alonso Lucendo has over 50 years of experience in teaching and producing wines. Federico Diaz Lucendo (fourth generation of Lucendo winemakers) was trained in Australia and combines the experience and the tradition of his family with the most modern winemaking methods. With a track record of titles and awards, in 2009 Federico Diaz has been recognised as Best Winemaker of Spain by the “Aula Internacional de Catadores”.


Aruspide Wines:

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