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Belle Mare is in the Coteaux du Languedoc, right down on the coast of the Mediterranean. The vineyards of the Belle Mare estate really benefit from the Mediterranean seaside climate. Their wines reflect the personality of the region and have the colours of the South of France.

Belle Mare organic wines

Talking with the team at Belle Mare, this sounds like a story of love at first sight. The founder of the estate discovered a vineyard on the banks of the Thau lagoon. He then decided to invest his expertise as a builder and his passion for wine in the creation of the Belle Mare Estate as we now see it. It is also the story of a passionate team eager to share their love for this land, so dry and yet so full of genuine flavours, through the wines they make.

Lake Thau is the largest and deepest of the Languedoc lakes. This inland sea is an intense blue, the lake extends over 20 km from Balaruc to Marseillan, with Mèze and Sète on its shores. It is a key site for the cultivation of oysters and mussels, the lake is criss-crossed by these “tables” where the shellfish develop.

The Belle Mare team have a passion for their wines and stand up for core values. They really want to protect the earth and soil, and share their vision of caring for the environment. The philosophy can be summed up by “living to the rhythm of the vineyard to try to achieve the best possible yield and in the most natural manner”.

The Belle Mare vineyards stretch over 68 hectares around Lake Thau. Of these, 45 hectares are planted with vines typical of the Languedoc region: the famous Piquepoul, Cinsault, Grenache and Syrah grapes. Additionally, international varieties such as Chardonnay, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon have been introduced along with some original grape varieties such as Roussanne, Muscat petits grains and Viognier.

The grapes are analysed from mid-August onwards to check the maturity of the fruit, so allowing us the harvesting of each grape variety at its peak. Huge investment has been made over the past few years in the wine-making process. Cutting edge technology allows control over all the steps in the wine-making process under optimal conditions. The winery now uses a pneumatic wine press, thermo-regulated stainless steel vats and deep refrigeration equipment.Belle Mare organic wine

As winter arrives, once the wine-making process has come to an end, the wines are stabilised in order to ensure better preservation in the cellar. All of the Belle Mare wines are tasted and some then blended in order to find “the ideal recipe” for creating their range of wines for that vintage. Belle Mare performs all its own bottling and packaging within its air-conditioned warehouse. The temperature and hygrometric conditions of their bottling line and storage areas are maintained carefully. The estate has the capacity for 2,500 hectolitres or 100,000 bottles.

The aim is to show off the personality of the wines and make them suitable for the markets they supply. We hope you enjoy the Belle Mare wines that we have selected for your enjoyment as much as we do.

Belle Mare Wines:

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