Pizzolato Spumante Prosecco

Pizzolato Spumante Prosecco


Brilliantly refreshing, fully sparkling Prosecco. Light, flavoursome and perfect as an aperitif or any celebration-find an excuse!

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Pizzolato Spumante Prosecco “Extra Dry”, Pizzolato.

Pizzolato Spumante Prosecco extra dry isn’t really all that dry; they must have a bit of sweet tooth over at Pizzolato! This is our favourite of the wines made by Pizzolato. The labels might be a bit Ferrari Testarossa (aka naff) but its kind of kitsch and after all really what counts is inside. The bubbles are well knitted, the flavour is all primary fresh fruit and it’s really clean and drinkable. Whenever I taste it with friends they love it!

The vineyards are situated on the plains and hillsides near the Piave river that flows through the rich flourishing countryside in the north of Treviso. The grapes are organically grown and harvested by hand late in August.

Pizzolato Spumante Prosecco “Extra Dry”, Pizzolato.

Grower: Pizzolato.

Matches: ideal as an aperitif, a cold first courses or just with a snack.

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Sparkling Wine

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Organic, Vegan, Vegetarian

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